An accomplished businessman and political figure from Afghanistan, maintains an active role in community service and charitable giving, primarily through his own foundation. Established in 2006, the Bayat Foundation works to rebuild Afghanistan by delivering support to those citizens with the greatest need. In addition to providing food and clothing for people in need, the Bayat Foundation provides maternity care to expectant and new mothers and sponsors several education and career development courses for women and children. The foundation also addresses the problem of clean water access in Afghanistan by supporting endeavors to dig deep wells. Promoting education in many ways, Dr. Ehsan Bayat was recently honored by the American University of Afghanistan with an honorary Ph.D. in gratitude for his support of the university.

At present, Bayat stands as the largest private U.S. investor in the history of Afghanistan. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), a company he launched in 2002 as the first mobile phone service company in Afghanistan. Thanks to his extensive experience with entrepreneurship in the United States, Dr. Ehsan Bayat successfully executed his vision of connecting Afghans via a cost-effective GSM communications system. Having grown tremendously over the past decade, AWCC currently provides Internet and cellular services to more than 3 million subscribers in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.